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We are accountable in enabling the Gothong Southern Group of Companies in its transformation to strengthen our customer loyalty through I.D.E.A.:
Introduce and test the implementation of innovations and technologies for Core Initiatives (process improvement and cost optimization) in collaboration with the respective SBU.
Facilitate the implementation of Edge initiatives (new business ideas) that are disruptive and can grow exponentially.
Stimulate and nurture the exponential mindset, encouraging innovation and driving transformation.
Creation and provision of insights from data analysis for decision making, objective setting and creation of new products and services.

The Departments

An ExO Division

The Office of Strategy Management, in partnership with the senior management team of the Gothong Southern Group of Companies, is accountable to cultivate a mindset that encourages innovations and empower the group to think exponentially, thereby translating it to the group’s strategy roadmap. Furthermore, OSM shall cascade said roadmap and monitor its implementation.

The GXI Innovations Lab shall endeavor to introduce, promote and facilitate the research and implementation of applicable innovations and process improvements for Core Initiatives and the experimentation of exponential technologies for Edge Initiatives of the Gothong Southern group of companies, in collaboration with the SBU and Business Solutions Team, leading to a seamless customer experience, achieving target business outcomes, and optimizing operational performance.

The Enterprise Analytics Team is accountable for providing insights from data analysis by serving the purpose of supporting the decision-making of leaders, setting and Monitoring of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and creating value in the form of product or service features for our customers and internal users that are developed in collaboration with the SBU.

We, in the Gothong Southern Group of companies, are existing in Exponential times and we as humans are linear thinkers: We project where things are going to be by looking in the past.  Moving to the 21st century many of us can create big changes and the change is exponential, not linear. 
We live in exponential times and our mindset needs to be adapted accordingly.

- Office of Strategy

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