Spreading the ExO Mindset in Gothong Southern

The Gothong Southern ExO Initiative (GXI) of the Office of Strategy helps enable
the Gothong Southern Group of companies in its transformation journey to
strengthen its customer loyalty by stimulating and nurturing the exponential mindset that encourages innovation through research, experimentation and implementation of exponential technologies.

This GXI Portal serves as a curated open source learning platform for all its business units to learn, commune and be inspired. GXI's purpose is to spread the Exponential mindset within the organization.

Media Library

Over 800 minutes of video, 4,000 pages of reading and a compilation of images for inspiration and learning content on Exponential organizations (ExO), Business model innovations, technologies and leadership are available on-demand.

Get Certified

Take the ExO Certification through OpenExO's program and become a GXI Champion for your business unit.

Re-Skill and UPSkill ®️

 Learn on-demand with our curated set of programs on technology, business, and leadership available for FREE and fully online from leading institutions.
GXI is now available on mobile! Introducing the GXI App! 

GXI is an International Awardee of the 2021
ExO Awards for ExO Implementation, recognizing Gothong Southern as a company that implemented the ExO attributes to enhance its current business model or create new growth opportunities.

What is an ExO?
What Is An Exponential Organization?

Silicon Valley heavyweight Salim Ismail explains how some companies achieve exponential growth.
An article by Jonathan Jeffery 

How to Create an Exponential Mindset

Digital business models are a bit of a misnomer. It’s not digital technology that defines them; it’s their ability to create exponential value.
by Mark Bonchek

Find out how Exponential is your organization.

Take the Exponential Quotient (ExQ) diagnostic was developed, ExO Works paired with Hult University's International Business School

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