The XL Series
Episode 8


The XL Webinar Series has topics that are curated for our GXI members' learning and development where we invite leaders and innovators to share their thoughts and experience.
Get inspired and find your own innovation.

Open to all our GXI Members and ExO Champions.

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An Overview of the Theories and Frameworks

June  10, 2022
Presented by Armand Cacacho , multi awarded Consultant and Adviser based in San Francisco, CA and a fellow of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) - Philippines as well as a Teaching faculty member of ICD, where he discusses an overview on the revolutionary theories and frameworks. Learn the three main types of innovation and how they are deployed. Spot disruption in your industry early and exploit it as a new opportunity for your organization.

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Data Literacy in Decision Making

March 18, 2022
Presented by Lyle Legaspi, Digital Transformation Strategist at DataHyv, as he talks about the importance of  Data Literacy (the ability to read, write and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources and constructs) in using Data  to generate insights for better management decisions.

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Dual Transformation

Sept 17, 2021
Presented by Rey Lugtu, Digital Transformation Leader and Founder of Hungry WorkHorse, where he discusses Dual transformation as a strategic approach to reposition today’s business to maximize its resilience, especially during this time of the pandemic, while at the same time creating tomorrow’s new growth engine when economies bounce back.

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Data, The New Oil

Aug 20, 2021
Presented by Christine Kempeneers, the Assistant Vice-President for Risk Management and Data Protection Officer at Aboitiz Group, as she discusses how the data is being used and monetized by companies and why it is important to keep your own data safe, as well as how to manage the risks associated with it.

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The Exponential Leader

June 25, 2021
Presented by OpenExO's Chief Learning Officer - Jaroslav Dokoupil,  discussing the current developments on transformative exponential technologies and the 6 "Secrets" for leaders to address the 4th industrial revolution, what to look out for and what traits one must have to maximize opportunities and manage risks in these exponential times.

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The Innovative Culture

MAY 28, 2021
Presented by Abigail Jao, Digital Strategist at Microsoft, where she discusses how the Growth Mindset is crucial to creating the culture of nurturing innovations.

XL SERIES: Finding Innovations

Finding Innovations

MAY 3, 2021
Presented by Paolo Balinas, Enterprise Channel Manager at Microsoft, where he discusses about having the right frameworks on finding innovation.

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