We provide GXI members with a curated set of programs on technology, business, and leadership available for FREE and fully online from GXI and leading learning institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Rutgers, and more, where you can find a topic that suits your learning style and situation.

NOTE: Each topic will require a registration from its own learning platform.

Free Courses

Introduction to Data Analytics Course
TRX Course - Simplilearn

This data analytics for beginners is designed to offer a solid foundation for working with various types of data, data visualization for decision making, and data analytics in different sectors. 

With Certification

Introduction to Project Management
TRX Course - Simplilearn

Gain an understanding of project management fundamentals to prepare for the next big role in your professional career. Learn project management by familiarizing yourself with PMP® basics, Agile, Scrum, and Microsoft Project — to lead any project from start-to-finish.

With Certification.

Digital Transformation Course for Leaders

TRX Course - Simplilearn

This Free Digital Transformation course helps you understand the various ways that you can modernize IT to execute digital projects successfully. Leverage the latest technologies to remodel your business with this free digital transformation training course.

With Certification.

Introduction to Data Science

TRX Course - Simplilearn

This free Data Science course will help you understand the basics and how to become a Data Scientist in 2021.

With Certification.

Google Analytics for Beginners

NEW! - Google Academy

Google Analytics for Beginners shows new users how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. You'll learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts. The course will also demonstrate how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

Create your first Android app

NEW! - Google Academy

Learn to create Android apps using Android Studio in this introductory pathway.

Google Ads Display Certification

NEW! - Google Academy

Validate your expertise using Google Display to deliver results that get the most from your display advertising investment. Certified users will demonstrate their ability to develop effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals. 

With Certification

Google My Business

NEW! - Google Academy

Learn how to use your free Google My Business to create listings that will stand out when customers search online. Take all the courses, pass the Assessment, and earn an Achievement to display on your profile.

With Google Achievement

Master the Art of Sales

NEW! - LinkedIn Learning

What makes someone effective at sales?
A genuine desire to help others solve problems. In this course, former Genentech senior leader and Braintrust founder Jeff Bloomfield explains why and how the best salespeople learn how to see through the eyes of their customers

Sales Negotiation

NEW! - LinkedIn Learning

Bestselling author and sales coach Lisa Earle McLeod has helped companies like Google and Roche build passionate, purpose-driven sales organizations. In this course, sales professionals can learn how to negotiate with the best interests of their organization and their customers at heart, by uncovering their own noble purpose. 

Sales Closing Strategies

NEW! - LinkedIn Learning

What separates the inexperienced salesperson from the successful one is the ability to close sales. Learn how to nurture the relationship with your buyer, overcome obstacles, recognize buying signals, and ask for the business. Plus, find out how to improve your close rate throughout the sales pipeline by expanding what it means to sell.

Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

NEW! - LinkedIn Learning

In this course, business strategist and instructor Meridith Elliott Powell covers soft skills in depth, sharing strategies that can help you bolster your emotional intelligence and communicate more effectively with prospects. Soft skills are crucial to sales success. She then dives into some of the most essential soft sales skills, including building connections, listening, and selling with greater emotional intelligence.

Introduction to MS Excel


This Introduction to MS Excel course will help you develop a thorough understanding of MS Excel and explore its abundant features. You will learn how to write functions; sort, filter, and import data and much more.

With Certification

Business Analytics with Excel

Take this Introduction to Business Analytics with Excel for beginners free course to boost your Microsoft Excel skills. Including the Introduction to Power BI course, this program will drive you to the path of success with business analytics basics.

With Certification.

Principles, Statistical and Computational Tools for Reproducible Data Science
Harvard University

Learn skills and tools that support data science and reproducible research, to ensure you can trust your own research results, reproduce them yourself, and communicate them to others.

CS50's Understanding Technology
Harvard University

This is CS50’s introduction to technology for students who don’t (yet!) consider themselves computer persons.

How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time

Use a proven goal setting strategy to increase your productivity, leadership and management skills. Achieve more today.
Establish structured goals to achieve more in less time.
Develop both performance and outcome measures.
Develop an action plan with next steps and milestones.

The World of Design Thinking

Be able to utilize the potential of Design Thinking in projects for solving wicked problems and understand the most important process steps of Design Thinking like Needfinding, Synthesis, Prototyping and more.
You will be able to apply selected tools. Get ready to manage agile and human-centered design projects.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Rochester Institute of Technology

Critical thinking could be defined, as "that way of thinking - on any subject, content or problem - in which the thinker improves the quality of his thinking by seizing the inherent structures of the act of thinking and by subjecting them to intellectual standards". Critical thinking helps making decisions within a company, selecting the best action for the organization.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


Learn Six Sigma basics from Simplilearn in this course designed in line with the IASSC™ exam. By integrating lean and DMAIC methodology, this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training course equips you with the abilities required to facilitate enterprise growth.

Critical Thinking

Learn the definition of critical thinking, how critical thinking works and how we develop critical thinking. It is not impossible to develop critical thinking.
Focus on what critical thinking does to one’s mind and how we can progress in life by analyzing every opportunity you have before acting on it. 

Supply Chain Management

This short Beginners course introduces the basics of supply chain management.
Oriented to those who do not have any knowledge in the area and who are interested in obtaining the basic concepts.

Supply Chain Planning - a Competitive Edge

Expand your supply chain planning knowledge with an eye on the changing supply chain landscape.

Digital Supply Chain Planning

Revolutionize planning by transforming your traditional supply chain into a digital supply network

Become a More Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times
Harvard University

Develop the skills to lead with courage and conviction through challenging times with this free, 35-minute Harvard Business School (HBS) Online lesson.

4P Model for Strategic Leadership Podcasts
Harvard University

A Free Podcast Series.
This podcast series discusses the 4P framework and the four domains that are most important to great leadership.
Concepts discussed in the Strategic Leadership executive program from Harvard Kennedy School.

Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles
Harvard University

Mobilize people to tackle tough problems and build the capacity to thrive through the dangers of change.

Remote Work Revolution for Everyone
Harvard University

In Remote Work Revolution for Everyone, you will learn to excel in the virtual-work landscape. You will learn how to build trust, increase productivity, use digital tools intelligently, and remain fully aligned with your remote team.

 Digital Marketing Basics 

Learn Digital Marketing basics and clarify some concepts on this subject.
Some part of this course also aims at practical digital marketing and personal branding that shall help people get some practical experience.
Learn Landing pages and email marketing practically

Experience Effect in Strategic Branding

Acquire a deep understanding of the term Experience Effect. Be able to analyze how to build a consistent, compelling brand experience and explore the approaches to create experiences that sell in the Experience Economy.

Build A WordPress Website

Exercise to practice building a web page from scratch using Word Press in One Afternoon! (A Step by Step)

Sketchup Architect Beginner Fast Track

Learn the fundamental tools necessary to model with SketchUp.

Sustainable Building Design

Learn and explore key scientific principles, technologies, and analysis techniques for designing comfortable indoor environments while reducing energy use and associated climate change effects.

Learn Power BI Basics

In this tutorial you will be learning all basic knowledge required for Power BI and understanding Power BI component.

Data Science: R Basics
Harvard University

Build a foundation in R and learn how to wrangle, analyze, and visualize data.

TESDA Online Program
TESDA - Philippines

TESDA Online Program (TOP) web-based platform, offers free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the technical education and skills development of the Filipino workers.
Relevant Free courses available are on Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Information Technology, Maritime, Tourism, and Entrepreneurship.

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