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Implementing Supply Chain Network Design - A step-by-step guide to achieve successful results


Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. These goals are often at odds with one another. Rising volatility and uncertainty have changed that Companies are now running models on a quarterly basis, and sometimes more frequently, to adjust to changes in their business landscape This guide offers hands-on advice that will help you use network design to achieve successful results.

Strategy Compass - Supply Chain

Supply Chain Movement

Research by McKinsey in 2011 revealed that just 35 percent of companies have a successful strategy which enables them to beat the competition. And only 20 percent of companies explicitly interconnect their strategy, product portfolio and the resources required, i.e. supply chain management. Supply Chain Media has developed a compass that visualises the correct links between company strategy and supply chain design.

Brand Love 2022 Report


Consumer intelligence company Talkwalker, and Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, have released their Brand Love 2022 report. This is the third edition of the report and each year Talkwalker uses its consumer intelligence capabilities to analyze over 1,500 brands, to see which ones are the most loved. This year’s report delivers an analysis that spans 200 categories and eight markets globally.

2022 Workplace Learning Trend Report

Udemy Business

The future of work many of us have been talking about is no longer an eventuality — it’s our current reality. Around the world and across industries, organizations are rethinking what work looks like in fundamental ways. And it’s on all of us to provide meaningful solutions to navigate the days, months, and even years ahead.

Create Better: Innovating Towards a Sustainable Future


Sustainability is no longer an abstract concept. We are at an inflection point in the climate crisis and the stakes couldn’t be higher for brands. As consumer attitudes shift, business strategies must align with their changing mindsets and behaviours to innovate towards a sustainable future, whether in fashion, beauty, interiors, consumer tech or food and drink.

Globalization in transition: The future of trade and value chains

McKinsey Global Institute

Global value chains are being reshaped by rising demand and new industry capabilities in the developing world as well as a wave of new technologies.

The Third Party Logistics Checklist   

Shopify Plus

Selecting the right e-commerce logistics partner has never been more important. Whether you’re partnering with a 3PL for the first time or considering multiple 3PL partners to diversify and mitigate risk, this guide shares how to find the right vendor.

The Total Cost of COVID-19 and Quarantines on the present and future generations - Sept 2021

by National Economic and  Development Authority 

The report presents the  Cost Impact on the economy and the people in 2020 and  its future costs in capital, education, and health due to COVID-19 with recommendations.

Dual Transformation

by Hungry WorkHorse

Dual transformation as a strategic approach to reposition today’s business to maximize its resilience, especially during this time of the pandemic, while at the same time creating tomorrow’s new growth engine when economies bounce back.

Corporate Governance in a Nutshell: What Effective Boards Focus on Before Everything Else 

by Institute of Corporate Directors

This Masterclass aims to provide the fundamental and essential appreciation of the benefits and impact of modern corporate governance best practices. The subject matter is framed within the context of local reforms and how these relate and respond to regional and global trends.

The 5 Principles of Change Agility: How to Prepare for Anything

by Udemy for Business

Change is constant, necessary, and positive though it might not always
feel that way. But learning to accept change is the key factor for thriving
in the modern workplace.

that hotel guests expect today

by Cendyn

 Touchless (or contactless) technology had already been growing in popularity prior to the pandemic, but quickly became a hotel “must-have” during COVID
and for rebuilding confidence with guests.

The New
A manifesto for changing the way we think about shipping.

by Maersk Line

The discourse in shipping has barely changed for half a century.
We have new customers with new economies and a range of new products to transport.

How to Reach Gen Z and Why it Matters

by Smart Social

We’re breaking down what
matters most when marketing to
Gen Z using data and customer
experience (CX) insights from
Khoros Intelligence, Talkwalker,
and analysis by Khoros
Strategic Services

The Global Logistics Magazine
Issue 01 - 2021
by DHL

How engineering and manufacturing can gear up for the post-pandemic future

The future of work after COVID-19

by Mckinsey & Company

This report on the future of work after COVID-19 is the first of three MGI reports that examine aspects of the postpandemic economy. The others look at the pandemic’s long-term influence on consumption and the potential for a broad recovery led by enhanced productivity and innovation. 

Competing in the Age of AI - How machine intelligence changes the rules of business

Harvard Business Review

Spun out of Alibaba, Ant Financial uses artifi- cial intelligence and data from Alipay—its core mobile-payments platform.

The Logistics Trend Radar 5th Edition

DHL's insight into logistics as it is entering a transformative decade and trend foresight has never been more important. Get invaluable insights and inspiration into 29 key trends and innovations that could impact your business in the next years.

2021 Social Trends

Hootsuite's report on surveyed 11,189 marketers to illuminate the most effective ways to boost traffic, get leads, and attract new customers in 2021.

2021 Topics and Trends Report - Facebook

The 2021 Topics and Trends Report From Facebook IQ, we analyze four regions—Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America—and eight countries within them, exploring how COVID-19 is affecting individuals and communities.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific 2021

A joint undertaking between PwC and the Urban Land Institute, this 15th edition of Emerging Trends Asia Pacific aims to shed light on real estate investment and development trends, and other issues throughout the APAC region.

Blockchain Beyond
the Hype
A Practical Framework
for Business Leaders

This common sense and practical framework is designed
to assist executives in understanding whether blockchain
is an appropriate and helpful tool for their business needs. 

Promotion Gamification:
How and Why It Works

Find out why an increasing number of brands are
gamifying their promotions. A deep dive into the world of gamified promotions.

Shopify Plus’ annual report on global ecommerce trends

The Future of Ecommerce
Shopify Plus 

What’s the new normal for commerce? And what can you do to thrive in 2021 and beyond?

JLL Research on Trends and Insights in Real Estate - PH and Asia Pacific

A collection of Published Research Reports from Jones Lang LaSalle, a world leader in real estate property consultancy, focused on trends and insights on the Philippine and APAC Real Estate industry.

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