I am the Change.

The world has change. And so should we at Gothong Southern.
We are existing in Exponential times and many of us can create big changes, and the change is exponential. Our mindset needs to be adapted accordingly.
Become A GXI Member and open to a world of opportunities. You are the change. You are next. #IamNEXT

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The GXI Pledge

As a GXI Champion, I dedicate my ideas and skills
for optimal operations and a seamless customer experience
resulting to the Gothong Southern Group of Companies' exponential growth.

I Pledge:

To introduce, test and facilitate ExO related initiatives.
To collaborate with other SBUs and teams for the implementation of applicable innovations and process improvements for Core Initiatives and the experimentation of exponential technologies for Edge Initiatives that are cost-effective, process-efficient and timely.

With the guidance of our Divine Maker, I make this pledge.

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