The GXI Membership Journey

Get started by learning the foundations of the ExO Model to be an ExO Champion. Take the ExO Certification through the GXI Certification program and become a member of the Champion's Circle for your business unit so you can join the GXI Community to exchange knowledge and participate in ExO projects.

Certification Section

 Welcome to the section of your membership for your ExO Foundations Certification.
The purpose of this section is to help us understand the knowledge you have gained by going through the learning part of this programme and gain relevant information we need for you to earn your GXI Membership Badge.



Fill out the GXI Appointment Form

To Register, Click the image or the link:  GXI Appointment Form

You will receive the appointment letter notice via email once registered automatically signed by the CSO.




Please watch these information videos for further clarification before proceeding with the tasks below.

Click the image to access the Videos.

Step 3



Answer A series of multiple-choice questions around the ExO Methodology and an assessment with open questions.
1. The quiz should take around 10 minutes to complete. Click the image to begin the Quiz. 
(Passing mark is 15 out of 20 75%)
2. Certification assessment with open questions should take around 30 minutes of your time to complete.

To Take the exam, Click the image or the link: GXI ExO Certification

Step 4


Final Section

Congratulations on completing all the sections of your GXI Membership programme - we will be in touch shortly with the certification decision.

Thank you!

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