The GXI Membership Journey

Get started by learning the foundations of the ExO Model. Take the GXI Certification through this program and become a member of the GXI Champion's Circle for your business unit so you can join the community to exchange knowledge and participate in ExO projects.

GXI Certification

Please watch these information videos for further clarification before proceeding with the tasks below.
This training program is patterned after OpenExO certification course. Total time to watch videos: 48 mins

1. Exponential World

2. 4Ds Introduction

3. Digitize and Disrupt

4. Demonetize and Democratize

5. Exponential Organizations

6. ExO Attributes

7. Nine Implications of ExOs

8. Transforming into an ExO

9. Defining your MTP

End of Learning Session.

Please return to your GXI Membership Journey. 

GXI Membership Journey 

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